Sunday, May 9, 2010

Life is Peachy

I'll include more Bru pics for Jupiter and Elmo tomorrow.  I've got to keep my readers happy!  :)

Yesterday we took a blue hydrangeas plant to my mother-in-law's and visited with family for awhile. Bru forgot her potty training and peed on Mimi's carpet (Happy Mother's Day!) and lots of fun was had by all. On our way home we stopped by Whole Foods to grab picnic fixings for dinner and couldn't pass by all the gorgeous flowers they had stocked for the occasion. Jake moved containers to get to the bunch of white roses I spotted in the back of the display. My hero. A helpful florist took the roses to add fillers and make them into a bouquet while we did our shopping. I sampled some fancy French cheese on some lemony crackers, loved it, and decided that was dinner. Jake was less interested in the fancy cheese idea (knowing our picnic location) so he kept things simple and got a French baguette and brownie. Brewster stopped to smell the roses and stuck to me like glue while I arranged them.
Our picnic was in a parking lot.  We were waiting for the doors to open for the Jagermeister Music Tour 2010 headlined by Korn. Yup. I was in the car eating imported brie surrounded by grungy kids standing in line.  They were getting soaked by the rain. Jake was a bit embarrassed but it was really good cheese so I didn't care. Plus, we were dry. He's the one that said “picnic in the car” in the first place.  I think we should make it a new tradition.  Rock music and pretentious food = super fun time!   

We got inside, scoped out some great seats, and settled in for the show. The venue is small so there isn't a bad seat in the house. I hope the colisee keeps booking shows. I'm also a big fan of general admission seating because it always works out in our favor. We ended up seeing four bands and a funny guy from Comedy Central between sets. It was a really fun night!

As Summer Dies from NY was up first. Their lead singer was tall and awkward looking. It was pretty hard to take him seriously as a rocker. I also unknowingly made fun of their female guitarist (shame on me) as she went through the crowd ten minutes before the show.  Whoops.  Jake and I were amusing ourselves by observing hundreds of tacky attempts to pull off the rocker look and pointing out the worst ones (bonus points for mullets!).  I said "Hey Jake.  Check out that chick!  At least she looks like she could work at a Hot Topic or something." She had a VIP pass but I assumed she was with one of the local radio shows.  I just did a "As Summer Dies" google image search.  Guess what?!  The first item is a poster announcing that their cd is now available at Hot Topic.  Go figure.  After the show, we were sitting ten seats away from As Summer Dies so we considered walking over to say hi. Then, we realized that our ears were ringing and we didn't want to deal with trying to yell to talk to them. Maybe next time we'll remember to take earplugs.

2 Cents was representing for LA. Their lead singer was also the drummer. I was fascinated by that but then he ruined it by being a diva on stage. I think awesome is best served with a nice slice of humble pie.  We did meet 2 Cents though and bought their cd on our way out.  One of guitarists reminded me of the creepy, wax Johnny Depp (as Jack Sparrow) at Madame Tussaunds in Vegas. I didn't have a real camera so I didn't bother getting a pic with them.  I'm way too classy/mature/smart to have my chest signed with permanent marker so I skipped that line also.  Just saying.

We watched the first two bands from the stands but decided to watch Dead Season from the pit to mix things up.  Jake in the pit.  hehehe  I worked my way up close enough to the stage that we could see the guys sweat. I'm not sure that was such a good idea after all.  These weren't the kind of fellas that look Hot all sweaty.  They just looked hot.  Dead Season's lead singer is from Maine and they seem pretty well established. The first two bands seemed kind of young. They had to break down their own equipment and were just hanging out in the crowd while Korn played.

Korn's performance was what I expected. They didn't let me down like Staind last summer. I couldn't get a photo with my crappy cell camera that did our seats justice but it didn't stop me from trying. They played a good mix of new songs and old skool songs.  They shouldn't sell their 'old skool korn fan' t-shirts to kids that weren't born yet when I was listening to them in high school.  The number of kids under 10 years old at rock concerts continues to surprise me.  I wish my parents were that cool but then again at least I have some hearing now. 


Unknown said... [Reply to comment]

Jake/Al-e-son, loved reading your blog - how fun and creative to start this new 'hobby' together. A great way to share as a couple. Kudos to you both!

Janice P.

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