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2010 HGTV Green Home tour - Kids Bedroom Suite

UPDATE 10/21/2010:  Welcome visitors from Kelly's Korner Childrens Rooms and Nursery weekJake and I don't have a children's bedroom in our home today.  However, when we toured this HGTV home in Cape Cod in May, I loved the kids room.  It's so vibrant and full of life!  All the photos were taken on my little pink point and shoot.  :)  I hope you enjoy it as much as I did! 

It's time to explore the colorful kids bedroom suite at the HGTV Green Home!  You're also welcome to check out our mini road tripexteriorkitchen, living room & dining room and master bedroom suite too. We'll share lots of photos and details in our future posts about the sitting room & watch tower, laundry room (my favorite room!), and art work.

Looking in from the hallway you can see this is a fun and vibrant room!  The sunburst mirror is made of recycled paper.  I love this mirror and am pondering how to make a DIY version.
The funky orange lamps are paper-mache.  The adorable, wooden recycling truck (made from recycled materials) and foam croquet set (the wickets and stakes are weighted) are from Pottery Barn Kids.  The white bookcase is rolling storage from West Elm.
The galvanized pipe bunk bed was custom made using leftover materials from the job site.  The bedding is a simple green gingham  from Pottery Barn Kids.  Even the ceilings in here are green!
The bathroom sink and dressing area are outside the bathroom door.  Another rolling storage unit, a white mirror, and storage baskets from West Elm provide much needed storage in the dressing area. This suite doesn't have a closet and another person on the tour with us just couldn't get over it.  Do you think it is a crime like she did?  The white side table next to the orange chair is also from West Elm. A lot of items in this house seem to be from there. Too bad the closest location to us is in Massachusetts.  Maybe we'll hop in the truck and head to West Elm and Ikea (I've never been to one of those either!) some time this summer. 
Nautical inspired light fixtures are used throughout the room.  Tall wire baskets are used as a hamper in the dressing area and a toy bin (holding the foam croquet set) by the doorway to the hall.  The doorway to the bathroom is on the left in this photo.
Into the bathroom we go...The green mirror is paper-mache.  The orange towel rack blends into the orange stripe but it can be removed.  The dual flush toilet tank and bowl are eco-conscious and will conserve water.  I like the splash of color from the stripes.
These 4x4 glass tiles are orange!  The white cast iron tub, white walls, white tile floors, and the white Crate & Barrel shower curtain keep things crisp in here.  I really like the vintage style fixtures.
Here's one last photo from the kids bedroom suite.  The dog portrait and nautical reading light are located at the head of the lower bunk bed.  If we win, I'll have lots of options in this house to curl up with a good book.
One of the tour guides said this bedroom suite was styled for little boys but I think it could work for any kids.  Since this home has two bedrooms, this suite is also where guests would need to stay.  What would you do to make this space welcoming to adult guests while reusing most of the items present (this is the green home after all)? 

Sherwin Williams paint colors: Hearts of Palm (green) and Tango (orange).  Carpet is Shaw Desirable Statement in Heart.

Next time we'll talk about the sitting room and watch tower.  Thanks for stopping by!

UPDATE 10/21/2010: If you're interested in seeing the rest of our 2010 HGTV Green Home tour, click here to visit our HGTV tour summary post that includes a link to each room's in-depth tour.  

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Happymom4 aka Hope Anne said... [Reply to comment]

If there is no closet, where were they to keep their clothing? Am I missing something? Our Dd's have drawers under their beds, PLUS a closet. And while we don't go for extravagence in clothing, all that space seems needed.

twinkietotmom said... [Reply to comment]

So neat! You actually got to tour the home?!?! I would love to do that!

Abby said... [Reply to comment]

Woo, wondeful! I also have the same idea on home decor.

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