Sunday, May 23, 2010

2010 HGTV Green Home tour - Living Room and Dining Room

Jake and I had fun touring the HGTV Green Home. You can read about our mini road trip here, the home's exterior here, and the kitchen here. We'll share lots of photos and details about the remaining interior spaces in a series of posts: master bedroom suite, kids' bedroom & bathroom, sitting room & watch tower, laundry room (my favorite room!), and art work.  Considering the low lighting inside, other visitors wandering around, and my little point and shoot camera, I hope my photos aren't too shabby.

The front door opens into the living room to the right of the stairs that lead to the second floor.
Want a closer look at each section off the living room?  What do you think of the reclaimed wood end tables?  This Shaw carpet contains recycled content.
Cabinet doors can be closed to conceal the TV.
This Rinnai gas fireplace will keep the home cozy during brisk evenings.  I like the mercury glass on the coffee table.
View of living room from behind kitchen island's cooktop.  I could get used to this!
View from area near hallway entrance.
Living room looking into kitchen.
I love the floor lamps that flank the sassy red sofa. Here's a closer look.  I looked them up and found that they are from Thomas O'Brien.  Almost $700 for one is out of our lighting budget but I'd be very happy to win them!
Living room looking towards kitchen, hallway entrance, and dining room.
This branch sculpture offers some separation between the dining and living spaces.
The dining room is tucked away in corner that over looks the fenced in yard. I love the corner windows in this area. Jake pointed out that this is my least favorite room in the house. I'll admit that I don't care for the wicker chairs at the dining table...I don't want this wicker weave pattern imprinted on my back during family game night! 
More fake fruit! The table was built by craftsman Richard Kiusalas.
What do you think of this light fixture?  I bet you could make a DIY version with a lamp kit, metal basket, and some cotton duck fabric...
Next time we'll explore the master bedroom suite.  Thanks for stopping by!


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