Monday, May 10, 2010

Freak on a Leash

Since Bru came home last weekend she's had a look that says “When I stayed at Auntie Melissa's house I went for 1.5 mile walks and played in a river every day.” We live in town and don't have river access. This morning I took her to the dog park while the boys stayed home to rest up from last night. We did off leash training in a nice fenced area for small dogs (it was empty) before graduating to the off leash play area on the plateau. Last time she went to the plateau she was spooked by other pups and ran all the way back to the park entrance to wait for us. This time she did fantastic and had fun.  She especially liked the smallest dogs but interacted with them all.  She wasn't sure about the people though.  She seemed to want people to pet her without actually touching her.  I thought only cats do that.

Most of the dog owners were pretty cool and I didn't mind the small talk. Then, someone asked me what Bru is mixed with because they thought she was too small to be a Saint Bernard. Really? Being the biggest dog at the park and 100+ pounds isn't enough to be a Saint? I should've said a beagle but I was nice and said that she's not too small to be an 11 month old Saint Bernard puppy. They didn't follow my logic so I let it go.

Here are the Brewster photos I promised. I snapped these yesterday.

She barely contained her excitement.

In the fenced area intended for small dogs

She came when called. Yay!


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