Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Alone I Break

How to Remove a Storm Door Window*

Tools required
- bandages
- neosporin
- tetanus shots
- screwdriver for those pesky contraptions that hold the frame
- wind

Next month we'll celebrate the first day of summer.  In Maine, this means its now time to prepare for spring by flinging open all the windows and letting fresh, crisp air stream in.  Maine.  "The way life should be."
One of the first things we like to do each spring is switch out the glass window pane in the storm door and replace it with a screen.  Yeah right!   Here at Welcome Sunshine Home we like to procrastinate on seasonal maintenance tasks in favor of doing anything else.  In Fall 2008 we came home from work to find a spectacular geyser shooting up through our front farmer's porch because we forgot to turn off the outdoor water spigot valve and the pipe burst.   

There is one universally recognized reason to replace a storm door window and move it to the top of the never ending DIY to-do list.  Simple necessity. 

That’s right.  When all else fails break the window into a million pieces and then you’ll have to deal with it.  Exactly how and when you break the window is up to you.  Our personal favorite is to break it right before you leave for work.  Then, you can look forward to cleaning up the glass all day while you're at the office.  Do you like this new look? Alison thinks we'll be trendsetters. This is our back door which leads to our neglected back yard.  The wooden door's window glass is still in tact (Alison says yay!).

Depending on how much glass is left behind in the door frame following your removal efforts, you may be able to use the broken window as a security system.  I call it the “This house has already been robbed” model.  Or it may just make your house blend into the neighborhood.  Either way, you may want to reconsider replacing it.

Tune in next week for our next DIY project.  Installing a new storm door window!
 Jake and Alison

*This method not endorsed by welcomesunshinehome.   


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