Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Sometimes Good is Good Enough

Are you scrambling to finish Christmas cooking, crafts/handmade gifts, shopping, gift wrapping, cards, etc?  Surely, I'm not the only one.  Why am I blogging and catching up on my favorite blogs instead of getting other things done?  Because I feel like it.  It's not that I don't care about everything else because I do.  If I stress and lose sleep over everything I'd like to get done (because let's be real here none of it needs to be done) for the holidays, then I'm not going to be very good company, am I?  It's time to compromise and reset my expectations.

Cooking:  No more homemade treats just have to be made.  We're done.  Unless I decide to try something super easy like The Country Chic Cottage posted here.  Or, my mother-in-law asks me to bring something to dinner.  :)

My crafts and handmade gifts:  I'm not done.  I have tomorrow off from work and I'll at least finish gifts for my  niece.  Otherwise, I'm simply not going to complete everything else in time.  It's ok.  No, really.  It is ok.  I can use jewelery sized present boxes from the $1 store and inside I'll tuck in a swatch of their gift's fabric with a cute "IOU one      insert cool gift here     " note.  Besides belated gifts will be an excellent reason to catch up with everyone again after the holiday dust settles in January.

Shopping:  This is mostly done.  I'll be picking up a few random things tomorrow or Friday.  Looking for a gift idea for anyone with a sense of humor?  Knock Knock is awesome but it's too late to order from them online.  Some shops carry their items though so keep an eye out.  I like to give one of my favorite 'fun' shows FireflyThe Big Bang Theory, or Psych.  If you like these shows, I'll be your friend.  :)

Firefly - The Complete SeriesThe Big Bang Theory: The Complete First SeasonPsych: The Complete First Season

Gift wrapping:  Jake makes me an awesome wall of gift wrapping and ribbon organization (my absolute favorite house project this year) and I don't have a single gift wrapped for Christmas morning yet.  I adore wrapping gifts though and will probably do them Christmas Eve morning.

Holiday Cards:  Monday night I created our 2010 Christmas photo cards online and submitted them to our local walmart's one hour photo center.  I braved the crowds and picked them up during lunch yesterday (entering/exiting through the garden center helped) and realized that I only ordered half the amount I need.  Oops.  I went through my Christmas card list last night and did the ones that should be mailed first.  Then, I went online to order more cards and found that our local walmart's one hour photo equipment is down.  I was bothered at first and considered sending the Christmas card order to another store.  I decided against it so some friends may be receiving New Years cards instead.  :)

Today, one of Jake's sisters invited us to lunch on Christmas Eve and I'm looking forward to it.  Maybe I could've spent that time completing something on my Christmas to-do list but I'd much prefer to spend the time with her instead.  :)


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