Sunday, November 28, 2010

Masculine Gift Wrapping?

As you can see by looking at my gift wrapping and ribbon wall, I'm drawn to pretty papers and I love to use loads of ribbon.  I try to stay gender neutral in my wrapping paper roll selections but sometimes I feel a bit silly presenting fellas with frilly wrapped gifts.  I had a DVD set to wrap and some fairly masculine looking scrapbook paper was laying around so I decided to give it a try.

One sheet of scrapbook paper almost covered the DVD set but not quite.

I could've just covered that gap with ribbon but I decided to use a second sheet of coordinating paper instead (cut using the middle section of the paper - like trimming triangles off the sides off a diamond).

Then, I simply tied a bit of ribbon around that.  Ta da!

If this didn't work out, I was just going to tie some ribbon on the handles of the Best Buy bag the set came home in. ;)

Have you ever watched The Big Bang Theory?  Jake and I enjoy this sitcom!  Sheldon is our favorite character and the actor, Jim Parsons, who plays him won an Emmy this year.  We're actually watching a favorite episode (The Bath Item Gift Hypothesis) right now as I type.  :) If you want a fun gift for the self-proclaimed nerds/dorks/geeks in your life that seem to have everything, give them this show!


Ruth said... [Reply to comment]

thats a pretty one!!

Theprincessandthetot said... [Reply to comment]

I absolutely love it!

Unknown said... [Reply to comment]

Love the choice of craft wrap! Check out my post on gift wrapping.

Unknown said... [Reply to comment]

What a great idea for gift's re-usable or recyclable too!

I love that of my favorites. Bazinga!

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