Monday, February 21, 2011

Looking back - Berkshires Weekend

Our visit to Stowe, VT last month got us talking about some past road trips.  We didn't blog back then so I've decided to share one today while I'm feeling a bit nostalgic.

In mid April 2009,  Jake and I visited the Berkshires in western Massachusetts for the first time.  It was a last minute trip and we stayed three nights at a quaint B&B on a working dairy farm in Williamstown, MA.


The B&B is basically an apartment located in an old farmhouse on a dirt road across from horse stables.  There were only two B&B rooms, no locks on the doors, no TVs, no internet, and it was so quiet at night that we felt compelled to whisper in our room so we wouldn't disturb the owners.

Unlike our trip to Vermont later in 2009, I actually took my camera out a couple times in MA.  All these photos were taken with my old pink camera and are unedited.

This was our bedroom.  Our detached bath was downstairs.

The fresh, homemade breakfast breads that Jamie left for us each morning were fabulous.  The other B&B room was only occupied one night during our stay.  I'll admit that we avoided seeing the other couple at breakfast downstairs.  We do not enjoy morning conversations with strangers.

breakfast area

living area

The black appliance below is a mini fridge not a dishwasher.

Hallway to our guest room's bathroom and the separate owners' quarters downstairs.  

We had a reason to avoid the other couple on Sunday morning.  When they arrived Saturday evening, Jake and I were in the living area playing deluxe travel Scrabble.  We had some awkward chitchat with them about the Berkshires, finished up our game, and went upstairs for the evening.  Jake ran downstairs before bed to use the private bathroom (the one assigned to our guest room).  The guy from the other couple was waiting for Jake right outside the bathroom door.  Jake was startled (and annoyed) by him.  The guy was waiting in the dark hallway because he wanted to know if there was a freezer for his ice cream.  Jake gave him a mini-tour of the common area and bolted back upstairs before finding out if the guy's ice cream would fit in the tiny freezer compartment.  Jake came into our room, collapsed onto the bed in silent laughter, and relayed the story to me.  We joked about what we could put in front of the door to keep him from coming in our room while we slept (no door locks) and I laughed so hard my stomach hurt.  You probably had to be there.  :)  

The hall and stairs outside our bedroom.

I just remembered that I read Bad Monkeys by Matt Ruff during our stay.

One morning we walked around the fields while enjoying the mountain views.  Since it is a working farm, we steered clear of the cows and other animals so we wouldn't get in the way.  The Cabot dairy trucks and the smelly manure truck came by during our visit.    

These photos remind me of where I grew up.

By the third night of our getaway, I was getting a little cagey about being out of touch and I really wanted to watch the Amazing Race that night.  It was a season that I actually had someone to root for unlike the most recent season.  Anyway, we randomly selected a place for dinner and the restaurant happened to have TVs at every table.  I hadn't seen a TV in days and now we had one of our very own and we could watch any channel we wanted.  Yay!  The Amazing Race wasn't going to be on for over an hour.  Boo!  Well, let me tell you, I've never made a meal last so long.  I took my time ordering, eating, and then ordered dessert.  I don't remember what it was but I know I made that dessert last the whole episode.  The restaurant wasn't too busy and the waitress didn't rush me.  Maybe she recognized the crazed glint in my eyes of a B&B'er that hadn't seen a television in days.  Or, maybe I blurted it out and told her.  Who knows.  Well, I'm sure Jake knows.  No worries...he tipped the waitress well.  :)

Here's a snake that Jamie nonchalantly pointed out while we were packing up the truck on Monday morning.  She said the snake is good because it eats field mice.  Field mice that could otherwise be in the house I was sleeping in.  Circle of life.  Yay.

I'd never seen Runaway Truck Ramp before this trip.  Do you have these in your area?  Don't mind the bugs on the windshield.

Passing under the Appalachian Trail

I had my iPod Touch on shuffle during the long drive.  At some point, a heroic sounding instrumental from one of the Lord of the Rings soundtracks came on.  Jake sat up, puffed out his chest, and held the steering wheel like he was riding a horse to go off and save a princess and it was hilarious.  I laughed and laughed and laughed.

This is the only photo I took in town.  It's for a little shopping center where I bought two painted signs for me ('Giggle' and 'I'm not bossy I just have better ideas') and some cat humor signs for friends.

Melissa and Joe kept Maximus for us while we were in Massachusetts.  Max had an eventful time at their house.  He doesn't do this stuff at home.  Really, he doesn't.  Melissa chronicled his visit on her blog in the following posts:

Have you ever dreamed of running a B&B?  Do you watch The Amazing Race?  Does your dog act differently at other people's houses?

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Looks like you have had some exciting trips. I recently had to be gone for two days and had my son come to let my dogs in and out. But one of my dogs got so upset every time he came she got scared and wet the floor-so of course he had to mop and mop!

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I love your blog! Such wonderful adventures...thanks for sharing them with us! Luv-Loretta

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