Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Stowe Road Trip


Long time, no talk.  Sorry about that.   :)  

I have lots of photos from our long weekend in Stowe to share another day but none of the HGTV Dream Home tour.  Yet.  Work has been so crazy busy that I completely flaked and forgot to get our tickets for the home tour.  Um, major duh moment, since touring the dream home was the primary reason for this road trip.  No worries though.  Jake's already checking hotel availability and plans to take me back to Vermont another weekend in February or early March.  Next time, he'll be in charge of securing the tickets!  

I was picture taking happy during the long ride.  We drove through the white mountains to get over to Stowe in Vermont's green mountains.  We took a different route around the white mountains coming back to Maine...much better plan for winter!

Jake did all the driving while I played DJ.  We listened to a fair amount of Korn because we're going to see them on the 29th.  Jake gave me concert tickets for Christmas because I love rock concerts and he's nice like that.  Are you finding it hard to imagine Jake and I rocking out at a Korn concert?  The second post ever on Welcome Sunshine Home happens to be about another Korn concert (and why I was eating French brie there).  Disturbed is headlining too (saw them in 2002) and Sevendust will be on tap (saw them in 2002 and 2010).  Hey, wait a minute.  Jake and I went to a day long concert in July (40 bands!) and I never published the post I wrote about it.  I'll track that literary gem down and publish it for your reading pleasure later.  Ha. 

Okay, back to the drive...  Look!  Another mountain!  It really is a different one. 

I just happened to snap this next photo when it flashed on Slippery When Wet as we sped by.  Yup, just a coincidence.  I didn't demand that Jake hit the brakes or anything because I'm way too mature to do something like that.  Any Bon Jovi fans out there?

The four hour drive was rolling by pretty fast until we got to The Grand Army of the Republic Highway.  Pretty nice highway, huh?

We listened to quite a bit of Shinedown too because we've been to three of their concerts and Jake can sing along with most of the songs now.  Belting out some tunes really helped pass the time when the driving got slower. 

We passed the Hardwick Inn along the way.  It reminds me of our neighbors across the street and their banana yellow house.  

Hasn't this been just like you were riding along with us?  Minus the ear popping from the elevation changes, of course.  Oh and I'll keep the icky cold/flu bug that I caught while we were in Vermont to myself.  I'm finally starting to feel better now.  Just in time to board a germ infested plane on Sunday evening and fly to South Carolina for work next week.  

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