Thursday, February 17, 2011

Can you rock an apron?

Robyn can!  This is her baby boy, Logan Richard.

Aren't those the cutest BabyLegs leg warmers he's wearing?  I like this pair too.  Robyn's hubby is a musician so we had fun searching sales racks for rock inspired baby gear during lunch breaks.

Her birthday was close to Logan's due date and I wanted to give her something a little bit quirky.  Robyn likes music, skulls, and Gilmore Girls among other things.  Hmm.  I wonder why we're friends.  ;)  One of my favorite Gilmore Girls episodes to reference (Season 1 Episode 14 That Damn Donna Reed) is when Rory dresses up like Donna Reed and makes dinner for Dean while she's cat sitting for Babbette.  Somehow this all led me to making a reversible rock star apron for Robyn.

Rory Gilmore 

Visit YouTube here to watch the scene where Lorelai (Rory's mom) and Luke (who was looking for a lost baby chick at Lorelai's) discover Rory and Dean's unconventional date.  Awkward and hilarious.  "Oh my god, I just noticed the pearls!" hehe

Robyn's rockin' apron has a scalloped hem and one side pocket on each side.  It was the second project I had sewed in nearly ten years and was completed before starting this blog.  I didn't make any tweaks to the apron pattern pieces but I did decide to switch the waistbands and pockets around for contrast.

The first side is black polka dots.  Did you notice the skull and crossbones centered on the waistband and pocket?

The other side is red bandanna-like fabric that has skulls, crossbones, and hearts hidden all over the print.

I made one for Jake's mom using the same reversible pattern.  It was a thank you gift because she knitted a beautiful sweater set for me to gift to Logan.  I used cheerful cupcake and red polka dot fabric for Carolyn's apron but I forgot to take a photo.  Oops.

Pattern info:
See & Sew
Butternick B5411 Apron A (photos on right side in collage below)

I have more apron patterns that I'd like to try and stacks of fabric ready to go.  Have you ever made one?  I'm planning to install hooks on an empty slice of wall in our kitchen and hang some aprons as functional wall art.  Do you wear aprons?  I'm messy in the kitchen so I need to start!


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