Thursday, October 28, 2010

Halloween tricks and treats!

I don't blog about work often but I made some treat bags for my team that were super fun to give out.

Who doesn't get nostalgic about ring pops, pixy stixpop rockssmartiesdum dum popsplastic spiders, skull rings, and more?  The majority of my staff who hadn't experienced them yet that's who.  Well, we corrected that pretty quickly today!

My absolute favorite moment today was the looks on their faces when the pop rocks and Pepsi combo started exploding like fireworks in their mouths.  Priceless!  hehehe  My second favorite moment was earlier in the day when I overheard a coworker friend say to them, "Have you had pop rocks before?  No?  They make your head explode."

I'll be making smaller versions of these bags for our neighborhood Trick or Treaters and am planning to put the honesty candy bowl out for the sixth year running.  I replenish the treat bowl every half hour and we haven't run out of candy yet.  The kids can help themselves to as many treat bags as they'd like in exchange for not ringing our doorbell (and thus triggering Barkfest 2010).  The pups kept me company while I put together these bags last night...

Do you get many trick or treaters at your home?  What do you give them?

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Jen M said... [Reply to comment]

I give out nestle chocolates, kit kats, etc. Get about 150 kids, quite a busi night! Can't wait to take my kid trick-or-treating! I'm craving chocolate right now :D

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Jennifer said... [Reply to comment]

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SalemMomma said... [Reply to comment]

We don't get too many trick or treaters, but enough to justify buying candy. :) I let the kiddos pick what we hand out, so it's different every year!
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carmen @ life blessons said... [Reply to comment]

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Jenn said... [Reply to comment]

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The Penny-Wise Mama said... [Reply to comment]

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Jamie @ DIY Home Sweet Home said... [Reply to comment]

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This Mama Knows said... [Reply to comment]

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KatieCan86 said... [Reply to comment]

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Those candies look good! Yum!


Elaine said... [Reply to comment]

Hi, I'm your newest follower....what a cool thing to make for your friends and co-workers....a personal favorite Pepsi and Poprocks....I certainly hadn't thought about that in a long time! Now I have to go get some! :D

JJ said... [Reply to comment]

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Jami said... [Reply to comment]

Love the pop rocks & Pepsi anecdote! Very funny! Your bags are really cute. I hope you'll stop by on Sunday and share them at the Pretty Packages Party!

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