Tuesday, July 20, 2010

It is NOT always sunny in Philadelphia!


After my flight was cancelled (it was cloudy), I ended up staying an extra night, taking a flight to Boston (instead of directly to Portland, ME), and then a bus from Boston to Portland.  I was traveling with two coworkers and there was some drama with our travel agent, US Airways, etc until we had "A Plan" but we handled it pretty well.  Really, my coworkers and Jake handled it well.  I do not like to fly.  Jake was my lifeline over the phone.  He kept me from hiding in a corner at the airport and offered options that he was finding online while the people that do this for a living were telling us that there were no options.   

I'll share Jake's favorite story from the trip in which I do something dumb.  Ok, maybe I did a few dumb things.  We stayed at a different hotel in downtown Philly's historic district our last night, had dinner at Tavern 17, and did not go to bed early.  I knew that I had to be up early for the flight.  I set my alarm for 4am so I could meet my coworkers in the lobby at 5:15am as planned.  You can see where this is going, right?  Of course, my alarm didn't go off because I didn't turn it on.  The front desk called me at 5:15am and I was sound asleep on the wonderful Sleep Number bed (have you tried one?).  I spotted the hotel phone across the room and leapt over to it.

Pleasant front desk lady, "Good morning.  Your car has arrived." 

Me, "Huh?"  I'm more clueless than Alicia Silverstone.

Helpful front desk lady, "You're at the Radisson Plaza-Warwick Hotel Philadelphia and your car has arrived."

Me, "What?!"  I haven't actually woken up yet and still have no idea why I'm at this hotel or why my car has arrived.  I'll admit that I thought she meant my Mariner had somehow magically appeared in Philadelphia.  Because, you know, that happens to me all the time.  Pesky Mariner.

 Patient front desk lady, "Your driver is waiting in the lobby.  He'll take you to the airport for your 7:15am flight to Boston."  The hotel is very helpful and had already printed my boarding pass for me.

Ding, ding, ding!  "OH!  I'll be right there!"  **Forehead slap**

I slammed down the phone, glanced at all my stuff laying around the room, realized that my coworkers must be wondering where I am, and called one of their cell phones.

Me, "Um, my alarm didn't go off.  I guess I'll throw my s--- in my bags and come down?"

Coworker, "Yes, throw your s--- in your bags and get down here."

So, that's what I did.  I gathered my crap, shoved it in my bags, and ran out of there in my PJs and flip flops.  No bathroom break, no glance in the mirror, no one last look around the room to make sure I wasn't missing anything, no arranging my items for efficient security screening, nothing.  I told myself that as long as I had my driver's license I could get home and anything else could be replaced.  I wish I believed it.  I'm a 'put a letter in the blue mailbox and reopen the mailbox flap to make sure it went down' kind of gal.  I fought the urge to make the elevator go back to the 11th floor and proceeded onward to my walk of shame through the gleaming lobby into the gleaming towncar.  Do you know how ridiculous I felt getting out of the towncar at the airport with my unbrushed hair, pillow lined face, and PJs while other bright eyed and appropriately dressed business travelers looked ready to step into a boardroom?  I will not make that mistake again!  Probably. 

I've been home since Thursday afternoon but am still getting back on track at work and home.  You should hear more from Jake and I on here soon.  Jake did a great job at keeping all our household and dog stuff under control while I was gone but he's happy I'm back.  :)  Max gave up on looking for me the first night because he's a bright little guy.  Brewster just didn't get it, never gave up looking, and has been staying close to me since I got home.   

Any who, we've got lots to share from our recent adventures in Old Orchard Beach and Kennebunkport.  This weekend we're going to Boston on the Downeaster.  It's my favorite way to visit Boston because we can play travel Scrabble!  We're going to let the weather help shape our plans when the day comes.  I'm just hoping to keep it simple by visiting a museum and eating something unusual for lunch.  The Carnival of Madness tour we've been looking forward to for months will finally be stopping in Maine next Saturday.  Yay!  I am so excited!  We've seen these bands before so I know it'll be a fun time.  You can read about a concert we went to in May here (different bands but it's also the first real post that I ever wrote). 

I don't like posts without photos so here's a random photo I took of a boardwalk amusement park ride in Old Orchard Beach.  I need dramaine just looking at it.  This does not look fun to me!
Oh and here's another photo from right before when the ride was still working on reaching its full height and speed (click to enlarge).  Random stuff was flying off these people.

I look forward to catching up on what all of you have been up to since last week.  I hope you've been enjoying this summer as much as I am!  :)

P.S. Our porch sheets project came in third in the Iron Crafter challenge.  :)  The next secret ingredient is
Knobs and Hinges.  The competition starts July 26th so get your projects ready!


Helena said... [Reply to comment]

That is funny how you had to just throw all your stuff into a suitcase and go down to the lobby in your pj's. Maybe they were OK jammies?

Elenka said... [Reply to comment]

Hi there....I often think about all the stuff that must be on the ground under rides like that. OOB. What a place.
We took the Downeaster last summer, walked from the station to the Commons and followed the freedom trail to the something or other cemetery at the end of the line before you cross something or other bridge. Ate at Fanueil Hall (sp?) Great fun.

Mrs.B said... [Reply to comment]

Glad you're enjoying your Summer. Ours is great...but HOT!

Gloria (The Little Red House with the White Porch) said... [Reply to comment]

Hey, Alison and Jake! I'm a Follower... I've been checking back to see any new posts, nothing yet -- so that must mean you are having a GREAT SUMMER!! :)
Just wanted to let you know I am thinking of you. :)
Best regards,

Josh said... [Reply to comment]

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matryoshka said... [Reply to comment]

Hey Alison....Is your pj picture going to show up on TEAMWOW?

So, what do you think? Don't be shy...we're all friends here. :) We love hearing from you and read every note you leave us!

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